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What is a modular home?

The term modular simply describes a construction method. Modular homes are built in large sections, away from the home site, under climate-controlled conditions. Just like the term site-built, the term modular does not describe the type or style of home. Homes described as multi-family, single detached, single level, or multi-story can all be modular built, site-built, or built using a combination of the two construction methods. A modular home can either be transported to the site on a frame or a truss floor system.

Can a modular home be customized?

We can customize all aspects of our modular homes to meet your needs – from moving the location of an interior wall to designing your dream en-suite. This flexibility allows the homeowner to achieve the exact house design needed.

What is the difference between a single & a multi-section home?

Single section homes are built and transported to the home site as one unit, whereas multi-section homes are built and transported as multiple sections and assembled on site.

How soon can I move into my new home?

Many factors come into play here. Permitting, financing and land preparation are just a few items that need to happen prior to your home being delivered. Planning your home can take 3 to 6 weeks from the initial sketches to the final drawings. Once approved, you can move forward to your building permit stage. This is approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Once ordered, your home goes into the pre-manufacturing stage which includes the final engineering drawings and material acquisition.

Depending on the volume of orders at the factory the actual construction time for the home is 6 weeks. Once on site, it will take approximately 2 days to complete a single section home and approximately 10–12 days for multi-section homes.

What are my responsibilities?

As the home owner, you can choose to be responsible for servicing the lot, pouring a foundation or footings, skirting, the electrical hook up, and any deck construction or we can look after the entire project from start to finish for you.

What does the price of the new home include?

The price of the home covers the delivery and set up of the home, including the completion of all interior and exterior work. The price does not include the foundation or footings, electrical hook up, water & Sewer, deck construction, or skirting. We would be happy to provide an ‘all in’ package price as well.

What is the warranty?

  Our industry leading 20 year structural warranty, combined with a comprehensive fit & finish coverage is designed to address the specific needs of our sturdy modular homes.


Approximately 8-12 Weeks to Build

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Think Modular!

Homes starting from $145,850

Iconic Island Dwellings

Think Modular!

Homes starting from $145,850

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