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Our team is thrilled to announce several exciting projects, promotions and developments to help you move into your dream home. Call us or stop by to meet with our team and view our 3 show homes today.

Iconic Island Dwellings

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Great News for 2022

B.C. to ease restrictions on secondary farm homes


Agriculture Land Commission approval wont be needed

Guest houses, rooms over the garage or manufactured homes will be allowed without an application to the Agricultural Land Commission under new B.C. regulations set to take effect in 2022.  Read More

Iconic Island Dwellings - B.C. farm house

Upcoming Developments

Coming soon! 3 Developments

Beautiful and quaint gated community on the Tsolum River and on the town’s edge coming soon. Plans for a charming private community of approximately 30-35 homes proposed date of spring of 2022. Walking distance to shopping and many more local amenities.

If Cumberland is on your radar and wish to be close to biking trails, the Comox Lake, and live in an energetic village, our upcoming Cumberland Community may be for you. Proposed date of late summer early fall 2021.

If you would rather have a little more land to stretch out then check our rural Black Creek Community, with close proximity to Miracle Beach and the Provincial Park, may be the place for you! Proposed date of late 2022.

Add your name to our list and we will keep you informed without obligation.

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Tsolum River Development – Detailed Specs

  Coming Soon! Tsolum River Development. Proposed community of Spring 2022.

Cumberland Community Development – Detailed Specs

  Coming Soon! Cumberland Community Development. Proposed community of late summer early fall 2021.

Black Creek Community Development – Detailed Specs

  Coming Soon! Black Creek Community Development. Proposed community of late 2022.

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